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Our Services

We can handle all your asphalt or concrete paving needs. Choose a service below to see how we can help you improve and maintain your investment.

Asphalt Paving

Dale’s Paving is your full-service asphalt paving company providing a full line of services from new installation to reconstruction of deteriorated asphalt. Keep your asphalt in top condition with our quality sealants while also ensuring your safety with our crack repair service.

Concrete Paving

THERE’S NO JOB TO BIG OR SMALL FOR DALE’S PAVING We handle projects including parking lots, walkways, slabs as well as specialty jobs such as sidewalks, curbs, loading docks and ramps, gutters,...

Crack Sealing

STOP CRACKS AS SOON AS THEY START TO PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE TO YOUR INVESTMENT Over time, every pavement will eventually crack. Dale’s Paving seals cracks to prevent moisture from further damaging...

General Contracting

LICENSED FOR COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL CONTRACTING Looking for a commercial build-out or developing a new business office from the ground up? We take care of you from foundation to completion. We...

Parking Lot Overlay

MAKE AN OLD PARKING LOT NEW AGAIN Our parking lot overlay resurfaces your parking lot adding an extra layer to your existing structure. We handle the full-service operation including striping...

Seal Coating

PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT FOR YEARS TO COME Seal coating prevents water and ice from getting into the pavement and causing it to crack and crumble. Dale’s Paving provides sealcoating to keep your...

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Walking Trails